Builder Center

Chapter 92 often leases a larger hangar that we subdivide into smaller spaces for members to build, restore, modify, and maintain their aircraft in a stimulating, cooperative environment. Our previous lease ended and we are currently looking for a replacement location. If you or anyone you know has an available space in the Southern California area, please email Brad Rawls at

Thank you!

Members’ & Friends’ Projects

The core of the Experimental Aircraft Association is aircraft building. Our chapter’s members and friends have countless years of experience building and restoring a variety of aircraft, and many are eager to help others in their journey as well. Below you will find a list of builders and their projects. If you are looking for a community to guide you on your experimental aircraft build, please email

Dave Prizio

Glasair Sportsman
Legend Cub
Glasair Sportsman

Brad Rawls

Zenith 601

Hugh Cook

Vans RV-8

Art Jackson

Vans RV-14

Ed Wang

Zenith Cruzer

John Halcrow

Vans RV-12*

Louis Beaulieu

Vans RV-9

Mike Wright

Porterfield Restorations (5)

Gary Steinke

Jenny Scale Kit
Royal Aircraft Factory S.E.5 Replica

Bob Cashman

Nieuport 28 Scale Replica

Richard Eastman

Glassair Sportsman

Rick Woods

Vans RV-7

Phat Vu

Vans RV-8

Rhon Williams

Jenny Scale Kit

Ted Venter’s Photos of RANS S-21

Chris Gentile


Chuck Gifford

Sonex Motor Glider

Dana Lund

BD-4 Restoration

John Rittenhouse


Michael McNeill


Michael Whaley


Reginald Smith


Torger Totusek


Peter Hurley


*for sale