FOR SALE:  Two Port-A-Port Exec 1 hangars at KRAL in Riverside, CA, perfect for working on your new aircraft project, or housing your current flying aircraft.  Excellent condition, wired for electricity and lights, asphalt floor, quiet area, east-facing for shade in the afternoons.

Port-A-Port Exec 1 hangars are 42’ wide, 33’ deep, and approx. 12’ high.  One of the hangars has a shared use tenant in it until March, 2021, and the second has some of the owner’s material in the back 3’, but is otherwise empty.  Both hangars will be cleared out in February, and ready for sale by March, 2021.  In the meantime, the second hangar is available to be rented for an aircraft or nearly completed homebuilding project, with the current owner’s material remaining in the back 3’, for only $200/month.  This hangar currently has a compressor, workbench, desk, and shelves that can be made use of for your building project.

Each hangar is offered for sale at $16,500.  In addition, KRAL charges a monthly ground rent of $256 to cover utilities, restrooms, wash rack, dumpsters, security, night lighting and other airport amenities.

In addition to the hangars, for someone getting starting in homebuilding, the owner has an assortment of sheet metal tools for sale – air drill, air hammer, rivet sets (2 or 3 complete sets), buck bars, drill snake, countersink (and box of bits), etc.. Most of the tools from ATS.  Also some aircraft engine items – buzz box mag timing light, Bendix mag tools, cable tensiometer.  All tools in good condition and lightly used.

Contact the owner Mike Rhoades at mikerox2500@gmail.com for more details.