2010 Presidents Letters


President’s Newsletter, EAA Chapter 92 – March 2010

Here we go – getting ready to shoot our final approach by entering the last month of 1Q-2010 and
the beginning of our Young Eagles flying season – Saturday March 20, 2010 to be exact. Look
for more information about our Young Eagles program from our Chapter Secretary and Y.E.
Coordinator – Penelope Hecker. Penelope is looking for pilots and volunteers. Please do your
part for the “kids” to help them realize their dreams. After all, we want to pass along our legacy of
expertise and equipment to this younger generation. The happier the kids are the more support
we get from the parents.

We are also about two (2) short months away from our largest annual fund-raiser - the Planes of
Fame Museum Air Show at CNO. If you want to see and hear “famous” airplanes up close and
personal, get free admission for one or both days of the Airshow and all the FREE bratwurst or
dogs you can eat - all you have to do is:

  • Make sure you are a current EAA Chapter 92 member in good standing (paid dues)
  • Commit to at least 4 hours for each day you want to attend the air show

This is the closest you are going to get to a Reno style air show with WWII heavy iron and fighters
from the early days of the Cold War filling the air. Please see our Membership Coordinator, Bob
Dougherty to assure we have your current contact information and your $20.00 dues paid for
2010. As everyone who hangs around EAA 92 for a couple of minutes knows, you get
tremendous value from your “Jackson” investment.

This year is flashing by for everyone and we have all been busy. We are looking for good flying
weather as the end of March rolls around. The Yanks Air Museum L-5/O-62 project is moving
along too with the aileron/elevator stick assembly carefully fitted into the airplane. You will see
more effort expended on the wing and elevator structure in the next few weeks.
Robert Baker, EAA 92 Chapter VP, will host our meeting for March, as I will be traveling and
making a technical presentation. I am sorry that I will miss a fantastic presentation. Robert has
lined up Ms. Ramona Cox – “The Sky Chick” to talk about back woods flying. Ramona is an
accomplished pilot and you will enjoy her presentation. You will also be pleased to learn this is
an FAA WINGS credit program - a double benefit.

Lastly, if you are a Board Member, a gentle reminder that the Board meeting stars at 5:30 PM
and runs for one (1) hour the same night as the General meeting. The February board meeting
did not have a quorum.
The Board Meeting is a 5:30 PM and General Meeting starts at 7:00 PM-Tuesday, March 2, 2010.

Keep ‘em flying

Ray Hecker
President and Flight Advisor – EAA Chapter 92
FAA Safety Team (FAAST) Representative – Aviation Safety Counselor

President’s Newsletter, EAA Chapter 92 – February 2010

It’s the third week in January and we are experiencing one of the heaviest bouts of Southern California rainfall in five (5) years. Why five years you ask? Because in the middle of January 2005, the Corona Municipal Airport (KAJO) became a very short field, an impromptu seaplane base and/or a fishing hole.   So I have been thinking about seaplanes and Condition Inspections. 

To reminisce, see http://www.rapp.org/wp-content/011205-corona_flooding.wmv for a short over flight video of the Corona airport. The hangars on the west end of the field suffered water damage to the extent of 11 – 12 feet high. The good news is that most of the EAA Chapter 92 airplanes originally based at AJO have now relocated to Chino, CA (CNO). The flood waters would have to rise another 100 feet to catch up with us now.
Since the weather isn’t good for ducks and it’s that time of the year, I decided to spend more time taking airplanes apart and attempting to put them together again. Let’s see, that makes two (2) Stinson L-5 Sentinels in pieces, a C-172A and now a Falco. The good news is the Falco will be a hangar queen for only a couple of weekends and then back in the air – flying with the sun shining and the birds singing. That little Falcon (Falco in Latin and Italian) will be soaring again. The C-172A will be airborne this coming weekend with the break in the weather. The L-5 projects are “museum and air show” airplanes, so they will take longer, before they can stretch their wings.
If you haven’t been out to the Yanks Air Museum (YAM) lately, plan a day trip. As you may have heard, this is the world’s largest collection of privately owned airplanes and the restoration hangar is always buzzing. If you ever wanted to learn how to prep and paint airplanes, spend a few minutes with Frank Wright, YAM’s Restoration Manager or one of the docents to get the skinny on restoring an airplane to NASM (National Air and Space Museum) airworthy status. It reminds me of building models as a kid and taking the time to get the detail right. Also stop by the L-5 restoration section. The YAM hoisted a banner proclaiming EAA Chapter 92 as the all volunteer organization restoring the L-5s. We appreciate the recognition from the YAM and we are pleased to spend our time resurrecting a part of our history.
If you really want to learn how to build an airplane, or two, join our L-5 restoration team. We have very talented folks working on the project and have fun too! We meet at the YAM on Saturday mornings at 8:00 AM until 1:00 PM. The YAM is also looking to acquire a restorable Consolidated PBY, which is the seaplane part of my story. 
See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JkE24axSBTI for the airplane and fishing hole part of my story too! So spend some time with us and participate in honing your craft skills.
Lastly, Larry Severson has been working with PTI paints on a “secret technology project”. PTI is our presenter and paints and painting is our technology presentation for February 2010. This is also the first time we are hosting a FAA WINGS program. Paint is an important element for aircraft including: application and handling safety, coating compatibility, surface preparation, cure, corrosion and UV protection, weight management, control surface balance and just plain looking good. So, plan on attending this session at our next general meeting on February 2, 2010. Larry will fill you in on the “secret” part of the program.
Keep ‘em flying
Ray Hecker
President and Flight Advisor – EAA Chapter 92
FAA Safety Team (FAAST) Representative – Aviation Safety Counselor
President’s Newsletter, EAA Chapter 92 – January 2010
I love this time of the year for all the Wright reasons. It’s December 17, 2009 as I create this
newsletter – the 106th anniversary of heavier than air – man powered and controllable flight.
Boeing had its first flight of the B-787 Dream Liner on the 15th. What a world we live in!
These seminal epoch events pull us all together. Just think of it, Wilbur and Orville Wright were
the first successful experimenters and homebuilders that managed to get their mechanical flying
contraption airborne for a notable distance. All of us are just following along the pathway they
pioneered all those years ago. It finally took two World Wars and 50 years to pass before the
Poberezny family founded the EAA in 1953. Paul and Audrey’s efforts continue today to foster
the homebuilding and recreational flying industry. Their insight and inspiration of a family
atmosphere continues for this excellent global organization. I am proud to begin my fourth
consecutive term as EAA Chapter 92’s president for 2010.
As you know, I am an aviation romantic and historian at heart caught up in all that happens on
December 17th each year. As a 2009-2010 EAA Chapter President, I received a Holiday Card
from Paul Poberezny. I loved the picture included with the note of the “early EAA days in Hales
Corner, WI”. Of course, the early days are faithfully reproduced in the Founder’s Wing of the EAA
Museum in Oshkosh, WI – the stage for this Photo-Op with Paul and Audrey, now in their late 80s
sitting at their desks. What a fantastic capstone to their efforts.
Paul founded the EAA, but many of us did not know or realize it was managed by Audrey. The
Pobereznys, working as a team, focused on a common vision and goal for the EAA. Audrey
managed the operational and fulfillment side the store as Paul, like the rest of us fly-boy and flygirls,
was out flying or in the workshop building something! Sounds like a similar arrangement for
EAA Chapter 92, with our Secretary and Young Eagles Coordinator conducting the behind the
scenes work! The great news is she is my life’s partner and I truly appreciate, as I know you all
do, the work Penelope has done for EAA Chapter 92. Please do the same to encourage your
spouse to join the team and move us to a successful future.
This day is also special, since the new Lyon Air Museum (LAM) finally opened its doors to the
public. We know the stars of the LAM show - a rare Douglas A-26, a Boeing B-17, a Douglas C-
47 and a Douglas DC-3 in American Airline livery. These airplanes have heritage related to
Orange County, of which we are EAA Chapter 92 – The Orange County Chapter that pulls all of
us together. So I’ll spend my time with flying friends from the Orange County Pilots Association,
whom a number of us 92ers are also members – thanking them for their past and continuing
support of our Young Eagles program. Of course, if you want to get up close and personal with
American airplanes of historical significance, we know the places to go are in Chino, CA, the
home of our Base Operations. We thank the Whittlesey family, the Yanks Air Museum and the
Planes of Fame Air Museum for supporting us in past years and in 2010. Lastly, a special thanks
to Bill Moyle, our 2009 VP who is relocating to Mansfield, TX to continue our EAA 92 traditions.
So have a great Holiday celebration and a Happy New Year. I look forward to seeing all of you at
the General Meeting on Tuesday, January 5, 2010.
Keep ‘em flying
Ray Hecker
President and Flight Advisor – EAA Chapter 92
FAA Safety Team (FAAST) Representative – Aviation Safety Counselor