May is always a big month for EAA Chapter 92 and this year was no exception.  We hosted our largest fundraiser in May and have been working to bring in additional members to Chapter 92 – some new faces and old friends we have not seen for awhile.  We also have our annual fire inspection, which we passed with excellence.   Thanks Ernie Julian for working with the Chino Valley Fire Authority. 

Chapter 92’s marketing and outreach efforts for 2009 are paying off.  If you have not yet noticed, we have a new look and feel for the Chapter’s web site at  We are only beginning with the makeover of the site.  During the month of June, we are populating this venue with our projects, activities and schedules.  I want to personally thank Robert Baker, Jay Steffenhagen and Don Myhra for making this happen.  Jay Steffenhagen is the driving force in 2009 for our marketing communications efforts, which includes an outreach to over 800 unaffiliated open EAA in the Orange County area.  Our 2009 business cards are available. Please take a few to share with your fellow pilots and craftsman. 

Our largest fundraiser at the 2009 Planes of Fame (POF) Air Show was a great success.  We “sold out” of all of our brats and dogs and shut down the booth in time to watch the fly-bys of the great Grumman airplanes featured at the show.  I am sure the other vendors were happy we closed early too.  On Saturday afternoon, we had a line approximately 400 feet long waiting for our famous brats.  A special thanks goes to Ernie Julian and Terry Dowell for manning the grills both days.  Mike Sawicki pitched in Saturday afternoon to fire up the third grill to meet peak demand.  Vince Orton our EAA 92 “Barker” hustled the line to collect advanced orders for brats and dogs.  Vince’s efforts helped keep the line moving and the interest in our brats high! 

While this year was a success meeting our revenue expectations, our services to the POF organization were stretched.  We need more volunteers to assist us with these operations.  I want to personally thank the following individuals for there efforts for working all three days with me to make this event a success: Cliff Carpenter, Ernie Julian, Roland Koluvek, Larry Severson and Jay Steffenhagen.  I also want to thank those who pitched in two of the three days to make this project a success.  You are the “EAA Chapter 92 Usual Suspects” and we appreciate you being the pillar of our organization. 

During May and in the background Penelope Hecker, Chapter Secretary and 2009 Young Eagle Coordinator, has been working back-stage for the National Young Eagles Day and Rally, which is June 13th this year.  The venue for the event is the “Cal Aero Country Club”, where we hosted the March 2009 Young Eagles Rally.  We had a lot of fun at the last event and have a tremendous program planned for our young fliers. 

May also started out our camping season.  Some of us went “Fly-Camping: to Agua Caliente Springs (L54), which is just under V458 about 20 miles southeast of Julian VORTAC.  Consider packing up the airplane or car and join us sometime.  The big travel event is coming and our presentation for June includes flying to Air Venture.  Robert Baker is featuring his trip to OSH and the Cessna rally that flew in en-masses to AirVenture 2008.  We also have a presentation planned on flutter, which Jay Steffenhagen is hosting. 

Lastly, we are making progress on the Stinson L-5 project, which is headed by Bill Moyle with Roland Koluvek as our Technical Counselor and resident A & P.  After months of taking the airplane apart for inspection and reconditioning, we assembled our first parts, the pilot’s rudder pedals.  We anticipate the rest of the project goes so smooth.  We have a planned debut of July 2010 for this airplane! 

Mike Sawicki is working on the June 2009 newsletter.  If you have not received a copy of the “Hangar Flyer”, please contact Mike directly.  I look forward to seeing all of you at the General Chapter meeting on June 2, 2009.  You are also welcome to attend the EAA Chapter 92 Board Meeting, which is at 5:30 to 6:00 PM – same date and location. 

Keep ‘Em Flying, 


EAA Chapter 92 President and Flight Advisor