2009 Presidents Letters

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As I write this final President’s letter of 2009, we are entering into the “Holiday Season”. A time when we reflect upon our accomplishments, and yes we have all achieved growth in our EAA family and organization. With the 2009 Veterans Day event at Flabob (RIR – Rubidoux, CA) behind us, most of us can kick back and enjoy the rest of the year. A few of us “Usual Suspects” have continuing work to do to prepare for 2010.
Special thanks goes out to our team leaders Ernie Julian and Bob Dougherty and the other volunteers that helped to make our Young Eagles fund raiser on November 14-15, 2009 a success. The local press indicated over 3,000 attended the Wathen Foundation event honoring our service veterans, which means we did quite well with our Bratwurst sandwich contributions. The U.S. Army Commander at the Flabob celebration thanked our EAA 92 volunteers for donating over 25 meals. A number of our members looked great in their U.S. Army (USA) fatigue caps. As is our tradition, EAA Chapter 92 provided free meals to active service personnel. It is our way of saying thank you for their contributions to preserve our American freedom.
The Yanks Air Museum (YAM) Stinson L-5 restoration project is moving forward a little slower than usual due to our November events and the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. We installed the 1942 L-5’s rudder cables for basic fitting with a modification from the available drawings. We solved a fundamental fit issue that appeared with the 1945 documentation we are using for all L-5 series. We are awaiting the official original production turnbuckles and a re-manufacture of the pilot’s return rudder loop cable. Bill Moyle installed the flap handle on a trial basis, which makes us happy to assemble more parts on the airplane. The YAM advised us to prepare to complete the second airplane, a 1943 L-5. With the additional project on our restoration plate, we are pleased to have a new volunteer assisting us – Isaac. Isaac is an A & P student and we welcome his energy and expertise. Isaac is pleased to learn how it was done “in the day”. A & Ps today do not learn all of the skills of the old masters, such as braiding cables and woodwork. Swaging is the standard developed during WWII to speed production. We look forward to seeing Isaac on Saturday’s at YAM.
Other YAM / EAA 92 news includes the addition of two “All American” general aviation airplanes to YAM’s CNO facility. The airplanes are a 1946 (+/-) ERCO (Engineering and Research Corporation) Ercoupe 415-CD, a pre-World War II airplane design, and a 1960 Cessna C-172A. The 1960 C-172 is the first year the venerable C-172 airplane boasted a swept tail. The airplane is in polished aluminum finish with cream and maroon trim. This particular airplane sports unique tail art that would make the NRA proud. The Ercoupe is very close to flying. YAM's Frank Wright and Matt Walker disassembled the Ercoupe onsite to truck it back to YAM – Chino, CA. Both airplanes came from the West Texas Air Museum, a small collection at T27, Horizon Airport, just east of El Paso, TX. Our conveyance to T27 was via YAM’s 1938 fully restored U. S. Army - Lockheed C-40D (UC-40D), which is the military version of the Electra Jr. (Lockheed L-12) The airplane sports the same Pratt & Whitney R-985 (450 HP each) engines as the Electra (Lockheed L-10). I was pleased to assist Matt Walker, YAM’s vintage multi-engine pilot with some of the flying load while he relaxed. I was fortunate that YAM management asked me to assist them with
the pick-up and return of the airplanes.
The C-172A was ferried back over a 6.8-hour trek via T27 – E60 (Eloy, AZ) – CNO by Tiffany Wright, with a flight instructor assist by yours truly. The airplane is a great flyer and sports a low time Continental O-300, six (6) cylinders, 145 HP engine. It is easy to see the transformation from the original 1948 C-170 to the C-172. The basic C-170 fuselage was retained with the C-170B wing and strut incorporated into the design. The C-172 came into existence in 1956 and sported a straight tail until the C-172A in early 1960. The Cessna marketing department wanted the airplane to look faster, which was also the beginning of the straight-tail nose snubbing by Mooney Aircraft. That is another story for a later time. We completed our Chapter 92 election process for 2010. We had a great turnout. Please see the EAA Chapter 92 Secretary’s Report for the official tally and our new volunteer management and board. I look forward to serving as president for another term. I will turn over the leadership reigns at the end of 2010. Robert Baker graciously accepted the position of Vice President. Roland Koluvek continues as our Treasurer as does Penelope Hecker our Secretary. I was scheduled to be the presenter for our November technical session, however due to technical difficulties we are offering the presentation at the January 2010 general meeting. Our program includes reviewing the 20th Annual West Coast Falco Gathering at Longmont, CO and the tour us Falco-philes took of the Scion Aircraft facility in Loveland, CO. I will present and discuss the new Falcomposite, Ltd. Furio LN 27RG, which is the graphite-epoxy equivalent of the Stelio Frati Falco F.8L. While we will not have a general meeting on December 1, 2009, we have scheduled a planning meeting for the current 2009 and 2010 officers and board members. I look forward to seeing all of you at the 2009 Christmas/Holiday/Recognition dinner on December 7, 2009 at Salvatore Cucina Italiana in Mission Viejo,
If you were a Young Eagle pilot or volunteer in 2009, your attendance is requested and next to mandatory. Sixty seats are reserved with approximately 15 or so tickets remaining. The sooner you make your reservation the better – first come first served. There are no rain checks for this event. See the announcement released by our Secretary for additional details. This is going to be one of the best $20.00 investments you ever made for a dinner and beverage ticket. We are also supporting the USMC’s Toys-for-Tots campaign, so please bring an unwrapped toy as a donation. Happy Holidays!
Keep ‘em flying
Ray Hecker
President and Flight Advisor – EAA Chapter 92
FAA Safety Team (FAAST) Representative – Aviation Safety Counselor
It is the end of the third week in October as I write this letter. We are in the final stretch of 2009 having completed our fourth (4th) and final Young Eagles event. The Young Eagle events are just getting better. All of you have done a tremendous job. The kids, parents, Chapter members and venue sponsors appreciate it. A special thanks to the “Usual Suspects” and some new faces lending a helping hand.
What I can’t believe is why during October, which is noted for 100 mile visibility days, we had a number of our FUL and SNA based pilots fly into Chino, CA (CNO) and shoot ILS approaches to minima (minimums in pilot speak).  Maybe they just wanted the practice – NOT!  Mother Nature almost spooked us again, but we received our green light to fly very close to the lunch hour. All of the Young Eagles were flown by 2:30 pm and we all had a great time.
Thanks to all of the pilots and volunteers that helped us fly just under 50 Young Eagles out of the nearly 80 scheduled to attend the October 10th rally. Everyone was very pleased, including the Planes of Fame Air Museum (CNO), who provided the venue. As a recap, we flew close to 200 Young Eagles candidates during 2009. Not a bad showing at all, considering we only flew one (1) Young Eagle candidate during our March event – the first rain-check event in quite awhile. We also appreciated the loan of chairs and tables by the Yanks Air Museum, also based at CNO. Mutual cooperation is the key to our Young Eagles program success.
The Stinson L-5 restoration project is coming along. We are all back in the swing and getting together to work on this project. The airframe is slowly but surely getting more parts assembled to it. We are ready to string control cables through the airplane. This is an experience for us since we are developing the assembly processes as we go. Since this airplane is being re-built (restored) to the original production (show) standards, all of equipment is being reconditioned or sourced to meet the original specs. That means the control cables for our 1942 model are braided and wrapped, as compared to swaged, for later series production L-5s. Tony of Yanks Air Museum is our key man/master for the cable work, as he has done on many earlier airplanes. We also appreciate Jim Randall coming out to see what we are doing and to lend a hand. Of course a “new-be” gets to learn how paint stripper works. Jim did a super job and this is a great project for members like him, who want to experience airplane construction without making a huge economic commitment.
Our last fundraiser for the year is nearly upon us. The Wathen Foundation’s Veterans Day event at Flabob Airport (RIR) falls early this year – Saturday, November 7, 2009. Ernie Julian will coordinate set up on Friday the 6th. We need a good showing of hands to make this a successful venue and venture.
I received a great note from Don Taylor, past president, who advises he is 91 years young. He is doing well, but decided to sell his C-152. He sends his best wishes to everyone. Don is now a member of EAA Chapter 555 in Las Cruces, NM, but he is the namesake for our Chapter and the first individual to make history by flying a home-built airplane (Thorpe T-18) around the world during September 1976. Don, we need you to put your 92nd B.D. on your activity calendar, to assure we have a big party for you since you will have finally matched the Chapter number (92).
Our Chapter 92 elections are on the agenda for the general meeting on November 3rd. The ballots have been prepared. You can cast a proxy vote by e-mail or snail mail by mid afternoon on the day of the election. If you mail in your ballot, it must be received and placed in our Santa Ana, CA Post Office Box on or before the day of the election. Bob Dougherty will make the rounds to collect the USPS delivered ballots. Electronic ballots are due to the Secretary’s e-mail by 3:00 pm on the day of the election. Do us all a favor and get your ballots in as early as possible. Do not worry about last minute campaigning, as we have no budget for promotions, big dinners and/or kissing babies. Our party plank has not changed, so none of us has an excuse for not casting a ballot if you cannot attend the meeting. Of course, we do want to see your smiling faces at the meeting to join in for all of the fun and camaraderie.
By the way, being from the South Side of Chicago, I am very familiar with the local voting rules and slogans: “Vote early and vote often.” To make sure your ballot counts, you must be a member in good standing with our Treasurer and of course not be incarcerated. See Roland Koluvek and cough up the $20.00 for your 2009 dues, if you have not already done so.
I am the presenter for our November technical session. We are reviewing the 20th Annual West Coast Falco Gathering at Longmont, CO and the tour us Falco-philes took of the Scion Aircraft facility in Loveland, CO. I will present and discuss the new Falcomposite Furio LN27RG, which is the graphite-epoxy equivalent for the Stelio Frati Falco F.8L.
Additional sad news to report – I do not like this part. We lost another EAA Chapter 92 airplane October 9, 2009. The accident and fatality occurred on departure from Deer Valley in North Phoenix, AZ. Memorial services were held for Mitchel Steinke, a seasoned pilot and loving son and father of two (2) very young children. Roland Koluvek and Vince Orton attended the service. Mitchel’s father Gary is devastated. Our thoughts and prayers are with the entire Steinke family. As many of you recall, Gary held the position of EAA Chapter 92 President for nine (9) years. He misses his son. We miss him too!
Lastly, the Christmas/Holiday/Recognition dinner (12/7/09) tickets are starting to sell. We have 60 available seats with approximately 35 or so tickets remaining. The sooner you make your reservation the better. See the announcement released by our Secretary for additional details. This is going to be one of the best $20.00 investments you ever made for a dinner ticket.
I look forward to seeing all of you on Tuesday 11/3/09 for the general meeting and on the 11/7/09 for the Flabob fundraiser.
Keep ‘em flying
Ray Hecker
President and Flight Advisor – EAA Chapter 92


What a September!  Some very good news, changes in the works, some sad and bad news.  So let’s start with the good news.

Good News:

Our very own Young Eagles Coordinator, Penelope Hecker is invited to attend the changing of guard at the National Young Eagles (YE) Chairman’s event at Santa Monica on September 29, 2009.  I will attend this event as Penelope’s guest.  As you may recall, our 2008 YE Coordinator, Cliff Carpenter arranged to have our National Chairman Harrison Ford, fly with us at the April 2008 re-dedication of the Chino Airport. 

After five (5) years of service, Harrison is stepping down and during the event; EAA Chairman Tom Poberezny will announce the new co-chairs.  I’ll provide a recap of the evening’s activities.  I especially appreciate the support all of you have given to the YE program, which made this invitation possible.

Our third Young Eagles event for 2009 was the best and the first ever for the Yanks Air Museum (KCNO) in Chino, CA.  We flew 96 YE candidates and more when you count the second flight over-achievers, ground crew and hosts who took to the air.  Penelope Hecker, EAA Chapter 92 Secretary and 2009 Young Eagles Coordinator has a complete presentation of the planning, coordination and execution of our September 12, 2009 Event. 

So, come to the meeting and learn all about it.  A special thanks to all of our EAA pilots, the ones we usually see at these events and our ground support staff comprising EAA Chapter 92, the Orange County 99s, Orange County Pilots Association, Flight Safety International and others from the Fullerton and Long Beach areas.

Our final YE event for the year will be held at the Planes of Fame Museum (KCNO) in Chino, CA on October 10th.  Penelope has a mission for all of us so come to the October meeting for a briefing.

I am pleased that EAA Chapter 92 has again been asked to support Aircraft Spruce & Specialty Company’s (ASC) annual Super Sale on Saturday October 3, 2009.  The doors (sales) at this event open at 7:00 AM, so ASC has asked us to be on site at 6:00 AM to set up the raffle booth and the food service. 

ASC is offering raffle chit cards to the customers.  These chits are good for four (4) raffle tickets.  Additional tickets are available for purchase at $1.00 each.  ASC donates the proceeds of the raffle ticket and food donation sales to EAA Chapter 92’s YE program.  We use these funds for YE Air Academy scholarships.  Come on down to get a good deal on aircraft parts and accessories, a shot at winning a “major award”, and having a good time meeting with friends.

Since October is our best visibility month, with clear skies and the ability to see over 100 miles, it is no wonder there is a demand for pilot activities.  I will assist in the flying of the Los Angeles Center (ZLA – ARTCC) Controllers to introduce them to experimental aircraft.  This should be a great time.  Our participation in this event is cooperative with the Orange County Pilots Association and the W J Fox Airport Pilots Association.

I will also attend the EAA National Leadership workshop in Oshkosh, WI between October 23-25, 2009.  Our goal is to help build Chapter 92 into an even stronger organization.

Lastly, Bob Cashman and I attended the 20th Annual West Coast Falco Gathering (17-20 September 2009) hosted by Duane and Mary Root in Longmont, CO (KLMO).  We had a great time and toured the Scion Aviation facility in Loveland, CO.  Scion is the builder assistance partner to Falcomposite, Ltd., Auckland, NZ.  Falcomposite (contraction of Falco and composite) has tweaked Stelio Frati’s F.8L Falco into the LN 27 FG and RG versions.  A VIP (vacuum infusion molding process) utilizing uni- and bi-directional graphite material and high temperature (250 F) epoxy is used to produce an exceptionally high performance airplane.  I’ll have a presentation available for the November meeting.

Changes in the works:

It is that time of year where we take nominations for our officers and upcoming board positions.  The Chapter 92 board assigned a nominations committee consisting of Ferdi Zittlau, Greg Fisher and Roland Koluvek to present recommendations for: 

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Newsletter Editor
  • Board Members

Additionally we are looking for volunteers to assist with the web site, membership, marketing, out-reach, liaison with the Counties of Orange and San Bernardino and other activities.

This organization is only as good as the members who put in extra effort to make it so!  Your participation is requested and appreciated.

Some sad and bad news:

Within a day or so of our Yanks Air Museum Young Event, we learned Dale Martin suffered a debilitating illness.  Dale is recovering and doing well.  We hope to see him at one of our events soon. 

Gone West – I just learned that our long time Chapter 92 member Harwood “Woody” Fowler was killed with his son-in-law Chad Kelly on Wednesday, 16 September 2009 enroute to Redlands Airport and an EAA Chapter 845 gathering.  Woody was an advocate of his Quad City Aircraft “Challenger”.  Many of you personally know Woody, who has been active in EAA Chapter 92 for many many years.  He was doing what he loved best and sharing that adventure with his building partner and son-in-law Chad.  The FAA and NTSB are investigating the accident.  The government agencies report it will be months before the cause of the accident is know.  We will miss them both terribly. 


The event associated with Dale, Woody and Chad brings to mind our need to be always prepared.  When operating around or in aircraft, keep constantly vigilance.   We all want you around for a very long time.

Our next board and general meetings are October 6, 2009 at the Irvine Water District Headquarters, Irvine, CA.  The board meeting is 5:30 – 6:30 PM.  The social gathering is 6:30 PM with the general meeting running from 7:00 – 9:00 PM.  I look forward to seeing all of you at our next general meeting.

Keep ‘em Flying

Ray Hecker

President and Flight Advisor – EAA Chapter 92


It’s late August and we have 30 days to go before the end of summer. I can’t believe how fast time is passing by me, or was it the terrain! We had a great August Hangar BBQ event at CNO with nearly 40 of you showing up to learn something about airplanes and have some fun too! We even managed to pick up a couple of new members. This event was a literal free lunch. Your Chapter 92 annual dues ($20) go a long way in this organization, as you will note when you hang with all of us more often.
Dave Prizio was our host for the EAA Chapter 92 August Hangar BBQ event and we had a jam-packed day that was planned (mostly) and exceptionally well executed. Everyone was pleased, so it looked like we really had our act together. During the course of the normal hangar chatter we managed to weigh a 1948 C-170, complete a demonstration on covering the tail feathers of a Vultee Stinson L-5 including the infamous stitching exercise and learned about vacuum infusion mold making and molding. Our technical counselors Dave Prizio, Ed Zalenski (tech counselor in waiting) and Larry Severson really shined. Not to mention a big thank you to our chief guru and resident A & P Roland Koluvek, who supervised the weighing of his airplane. A special thanks goes to Ernie Julian and Terry Dowell for manning the grill and to Penelope Hecker for organizing and preparing the food for the entire shebang.   Bob Dougherty provided transportation services – he’s one of the early risers (we knew that).
While we were having fun playing with airplanes, Penelope (EAA 92 - 2009 Young Eagles Coordinator and Chapter Secretary) was busy cutting deals for our next two Young Eagles CNO events (September 12 at Yanks Air Museum and October 10 at the Planes of Fame Air Museum). 
I understand we have 100 YE candidates registered for our September event and we are expecting a sell out in October too. If you missed the August BBQ event, start planning for next year. We always have something going on at EAA Chapter 92. While you are thinking about planning, consider volunteering for the next Young Eagles event. With 100 kids to fly, we anticipate we will have about 250 folks to manage. We need ground crew, monitors and pilots. The Boy Scouts (BSA) and the Royal Rangers (RA) are ecstatic about the training venues we have for the Y.E.s. Penelope managed to eliminate the chaos associated with scheduling the right kind of airplanes to fly scouts candidates. With the program she pioneered for 2009, every one of our YE candidates can have the same aviation experiences as the BSA working on their aviation merit badge.
The other key projects we are working on are two Stinson (Vultee) L-5 observation airplanes at the Yanks Air Museum. Like most dual airplane projects, we really expect to get one airplane completed and have a “project” for sale - to someone else. We meet nearly every Saturday morning from 8:00 AM – 1:00 PM restoring these little “War Birds”.  We are becoming experts at reconditioning countless small parts. The project looks like an airplane because we have the vertical stabilizer and rudder “pseudo” mounted. Of course you know what “pseudo mounting means – one of the over 50 time you felt like you put the same part on and off the airplane, just to get it right.
Our EAA Chapter 92 Texas “Hill Country” branch advises that “Doc (Rick) Hecker” in Bulverde, TX (1T8) is now working on an Aeronca 7AC Champ. See http://www.airventure.org/awards/images/aircraft/NC84020_aeronca_7ac.jpg for an EAA AirVenture link for a similar airplane and the most probable color scheme. That airplane reminds me of my days as a cadet in Civil Air Patrol flying with my Dad (his too). Major Mel Hecker wangled an airplane out of CAP’s Illinois Wing (61) for our Chicago Squadron. The time was circa 1963 and the airplane was painted in USAF military silver. A great time to learn to fly and spend time with your Dad.
Our September general meeting is on Tuesday September 1st, so check out the web site at www.eaa92.org. The September presenter is our own Jay Steffenhagen, ATP, CFII, MEI and one of our Flight Advisors who is presenting multiengine flying. Jay is an expert and is type rated in Cessna Citations as well as being one of the few drivers flying a Cessna C-303 Crusader cabin twin. It will be a great presentation.
For additional advanced planning, put Saturday October 3, 2009 on your calendar to Fly Los Angeles Center aka “LA ARTCC (ZLA)” Controllers at WJF in Lancaster. They are hosting a BBQ. Last month (July) I attended the second “Operation Raincheck” given by ZLA since 9/11/01. These guys and gals are great! This opportunity will be a super time for all to give the Controllers a short ride. Who knows, maybe they can talk, chew gum, navigate and fly just like us? Bob Cashman is organizing this event, so give him a call if you want to “Fly-A-Controller”. I understand they are buying lunch, but don’t quote me.
Lastly, if you are looking for the EAA Chapter 92 board and general minutes for August, don’t fret there aren’t any. Your Chapter management needed a break too! I look forward to seeing all of you on September 1st at our standard meeting location. We’ll have plenty to write about. We still have four months to go before we close the books on 2009. That includes two (2) Y.E. events, the fly out to WJF, supporting Aircraft Spruce at their annual sale, the Veteran’s Day event at FlaBob (RIR) and our end of year “Toys for Tots” drive for the U.S. Marine Corps.
I almost forgot – we are looking for candidates for EAA Chapter 92 Officers, Board Members and Newsletter Editor (all elected positions) for 2009. Start putting your volunteer badges on and step up to the realm of “The Usual Suspects”.
Keep’ em Flying 
Ray Hecker
EAA Chapter 92 President & Flight Advisor
FAA Safety Team Representative (Aviation Safety Counselor

As I write this newsletter, AirVenture (AV) 2009 is in full swing.  We all wish we were there.  Even the weather is cooperating.  Usually the campers are in for at least one big soaking during AV week.  Ernie Julian is representing us (Chapter 92) at some of the key events; including the dedication of the Founders Wing.  We have donated a memorial brick memorializing EAA Chapter 92 at the new Wing.  What a great time of the year.  All of the airplanes, demonstration workshops, displays, engines, avionics, tools, judging, vendors, formation flying, air shows, camaraderie and of course the fly market. If you can dream of it in aviation, you’ll find it at AV.  If you have attended the workshops and technical sessions at AV, you know what I am speaking about.  If not, we have an EAA Chapter 92 opportunity for you.
As most of you know, we are actively supporting the Yanks Air Museum in the restoration of two Stinson (Vultee) L-5 observation airplanes.  We meet nearly every Saturday morning from 8:00 AM – 1:00 PM restoring these little “War Birds”.  These very short field take-off and landing (STOL) airplanes were used in critical operations support for the US Army.  During the 1941-1945 conflict (our US involvement), helicopters were not yet operational.  The L-5 was a God-sent addition to any field commander in support of troop and equipment movements to with “med-evac variants”, bringing back wounded personnel.
The L-5s being “rag and tube” airplanes present some challenges for us epoxy-graphite minded folks and “Rosie-the-riveter” types knocking our those “RV wonders”.  Yes, we need to learn how to glue, shrink, pink, tape and sew fabric.  When we are all done with the assembly and rigging, we have to weigh the airplanes.  Somewhere along the line, we may have to practice making some “plastic fairings”, or at least the molds for the metal ones.
If you missed AV this year and even if you did make it, we have a treat for you, as well as some very good news.  In lieu of our regular 1st Tuesday of the Month Board and General Meetings, we are gathering at CNO for the Chapter 92 Annual Summer BBQ and Hangar Flying Session. 
Dave Prizio is our host at his hangar located at the Eagles Nest II complex, number 22 (row 2) just behind the tower.  A pedestrian access is via a gate on Cal Aero Drive for those of you driving to our bash.  Don’t say you couldn’t find the place unless you are completely color blind and can’t tell a polyurethane painted Cub from a C-172 Sky Hawk.  Please RSVP to Penelope if you want to assure you have something to eat and drink.  If your plans are to stop at Flo’s Café later – just come on by.  As you know your comrades in Chapter 92, the food doesn’t last long.
Our Technical Counselor presentations include:

  • Dave Prizio - Airplane control surface covering
  • Roland Koluvek - Aircraft weighing (C-170)
  • Larry Severson - Vacuum infusion mold making and molding

 We look forward to seeing all of you at Chino on Saturday August 8, 2009.  The party starts at 10:00 AM and runs until?  As always and usual, we are looking for ground support volunteers to help us and our “Usual Suspects” set up the tables, chairs, coolers and grill.
Lastly, our EAA Chapter 92 Texas “Hill Country” branch advises that “Doc (Rick) Hecker” in Bulverde, TX (1T8) finally got his Taylorcraft BD-12 airplane back in the air after a complete ground up restoration.  Every part on that airplane was overhauled – similar to our local L-5 project.  Congratulations “Doc”!  Looks like we’ll pick up another Technical Counselor for EAA 92.  See http://www.airbum.com/pireps/ClassiccompTCraft.html for a representative example of the breed.  Rick, please send pictures of your actual bird.  We’ll post them to the website at www.eaa92.org
I hope to see all of you at the party!
Keep’ em Flying
Ray Hecker
EAA Chapter 92 President & Flight Advisor
FAA Safety Team Representative (Aviation Safety Counselor)

June went by in a flash and we are rocketing into the midst of July and the summer season. Before all of us know it, the 4th of July holiday weekend will have come and gone by the time we conduct our Board and General meetings on Tuesday July 7th.
We had a great mid June event at the Cal-Aero County Club (Chino, Airport – KCNO). A special thanks to our Young Eagles host Les Whittlesey, the ground and flight teams for instructing, launching and flying all the kids and putting on a great show and educational event. The kids and parents, both young and old, had a great time! I even had the opportunity to fly Captain Neil Whittlesey, a retired Continental driver as well as a SAC pilot for the USAF. During the Captain’s military career, he entertained himself by flying the B-47 and the B-52, before they called it “BUFF”. We had a great time in the Falco doing “Commercial Flight Maneuvers”. 
I was truly pleased that Capt. Neil had not lost his touch flying a very sensitive aerobatic airplane. What a big smile he wore on his face after a few pseudo-military lazy eights and chandelles. The ILS back to CNO was right on the “rails”. We’ll do it again – soon! I promise. I always like to see a ‘kid’ smile when they fly in an airplane.
We had 13 pilots flying that day (June 13, 2009) and everyone had a blast. A special thanks to Ernie Julian for knocking out 120 H.N. Kosher dogs on the grill; to Penelope Hecker for showing all of us how it is meant to be done; and the OCPA and 99 EAA Chapter 92 members who made this a great and memorable event. See Penelope’s recap of the day in the newsletter, as well as her presentation at the General Meeting.
We are also making progress with the Stinson L-5 projects at Yanks Air Museum. We are closing in on the parts list and even trying out some of them on the airplane. Like most airplane projects, with a new assembly crew, the learning curve is steep. Don’t worry General Arnold; we’ll get the production cranked up in time to make the 65th anniversary of VE Day, or a date close to it!
July is the month where everyone is flying somewhere. Our feature presentation this month is cross-country flying to Air Venture. It is a long trek from KCNO to KOSH with interesting terrain to traverse. Just make sure your flight planning skills are sharp, you are very familiar with the range of your airplane and weather in the Mountains and the Midwest. Leave yourself an out by planning a leisurely trip so you don’t push yourself into a “bad situation” and be extremely careful and wary of ‘density altitude’ (DA). 
We are all used to flying at sea level on long runways at KCNO. An equally long runway may be too short when the DA is very high. I recently took the Falco up to L35 (Big Bear, CA) where the DA was 9600’ (PA) on departure. This was a performance mission for the Falco, with an expected rate of climb of 500 FPM at near gross weight conditions. The airplane performed as expected, once the gear was up. A friendly reminder that once a positive rate of rate is established and you are compensating for gusty winds, minimize your drag as soon as practicable.
The moral of the performance test flight story is “practice makes perfect”. If you perceive you have some rust on your flying skills, fly with an instructor or a knowledgeable Flight Advisor before you blast off on that ‘long and high trip’. We are not short of experienced instructors in EAA Chapter 92. 
Lastly, make sure your engine is running as it should – plugs and filters are clean, the oil is changed and appropriately filled to capacity (we all need oil for cooling in climbs) and the timing is per specification. In addition, this is a good time to consider waxing your prop to assure the blades are clean and free of nicks. The engine timing item is also one of our topics for our July meeting, presented by Roland Koluvek, our resident A & P and one of our Technical Counselors. Roland will demonstrate how to build your own timing kit for under $50.00, as well as the “how to do it techniques of timing an engine. A great instrument we all need for Annuals or Condition Inspections. Enjoy the rest of the newsletter. I look forward to seeing all of you at our July 7th meeting.
Keep’ em Flying
Ray Hecker
EAA Chapter 92 President & Flight Advisor
FAA Safety Team Representative (Aviation Safety Counselor)
PS – I hope that Roland writes a Technical Counselor Article for all of us on Engine Timing. We need the content for the newsletter and web site; he needs the EAA T.C. training points!

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May is a always a big month for EAA Chapter 92 and this year was no exception.  We hosted our largest fund raiser in May and have been working to bring in additional members to Chapter 92 – some new faces and old friends we haven’t seen for awhile.  We also have our annual fire inspection, which we passed with excellence.   Thanks Ernie Julian for working with the Chino Valley Fire Authority.

Chapter 92’s marketing and outreach efforts for 2009 are paying off.  If you haven’t yet noticed, we have a new look and feel for the Chapter’s web site at www.EAA92.org.  We are only beginning with the makeover of the site.  During the month of June we are populating this venue with our projects, activities and schedules.  I want to personally thank Robert Baker, Jay Steffenhagen and Don Myhra for making this happen.  Jay Steffenhagen is the driving force in 2009 for our marketing communications efforts, which includes an outreach to over 800 unaffiliated open EAA in the Orange County area.  Our 2009 business cards are available. Please take a few to share with your fellow pilots and craftsman.

Our largest fundraiser at the 2009 Planes of Fame (POF) Air Show was a great success.  We “sold out” of all of our brats and dogs and shut down the booth in time to watch the fly-bys of the great Grumman airplanes featured at the show.  I am sure the other vendors were happy we closed early too.  On Saturday afternoon, we had a line approximately 400 feet long waiting for our famous brats.  A special thanks goes to Ernie Julian and Terry Dowell for manning the grills both days.  Mike Sawicki pitched in Saturday afternoon to fire up the third grill to meet peak demand.  Vince Orton our EAA 92 “Barker” hustled the line to collect advanced orders for brats and dogs.  Vince’s efforts helped keep the line moving and the interest in our brats high!

While this year was a success meeting our revenue expectations, our services to the POF organization were stretched.  We need more volunteers to assist us with these operations.  I want to personally thank the following individuals for there efforts for working all three days with me to make this event a success: Cliff Carpenter, Ernie Julian, Roland Koluvek, Larry Severson and Jay Steffenhagen.  I also want to thank those who pitched in two of the three days to make this project a success.  You are the “EAA Chapter 92 Usual Suspects” and we appreciate you being the pillar of our organization.

During May and in the background Penelope Hecker, Chapter Secretary and 2009 Young Eagle Coordinator, has been working back-stage for the National Young Eagles Day and Rally, which is June 13th this year.  The venue for the event is the “Cal Aero Country Club”, where we hosted the March 2009 Young Eagles Rally.  We had a lot of fun at the last event and have a tremendous program planned for our young fliers.

May also started out our camping season.  Some of us went “Fly-Camping: to Agua Caliente Springs (L54), which is just under V458 about 20 miles southeast of Julian VORTAC.  Consider packing up the airplane or car and join us sometime.  The big travel event is coming and our presentation for June includes flying to Air Venture.  Robert Baker is featuring his trip to OSH and the Cessna rally that flew in en-masses to AirVenture 2008.  We also have a presentation planned on flutter, which Jay Steffenhagen is hosting.

Lastly, we are making progress on the Stinson L-5 project, which is headed by Bill Moyle with Roland Koluvek as our Technical Counselor and resident A & P.  After months of taking the airplane apart for inspection and reconditioning, we assembled our first parts, the pilot’s rudder pedals.  We anticipate the rest of the project goes so smooth.  We have a planned debut of July 2010 for this airplane!

Mike Sawicki is working on the June 2009 newsletter.  If you haven’t received a copy of the “Hangar Flyer”, please contact Mike directly.  I look forward to seeing all of you at the General Chapter meeting on June 2, 2009.  You are also welcome to attend the EAA Chapter 92 Board Meeting which is at 5:30 to 6:00 PM – same date and location.

Keep ‘Em Flying,

EAA Chapter 92 President and Flight Advisor

Hello, Chapter Members,

I must be getting wiser and possibly older!  I am writing the May newsletter, right?  Penelope confirmed I am.  I can’t believe it is nearly May!  Here’s what I recollect from April:

  • We had the board and general meeting with planning for the Planes of Fame Air Show in mid =ay.
    • A big thanks to Jay Steffenhagen for taking the leadership role in his part of the EAA Chapter 92 cooking fest.
      • The meat products are on order
      • The marketing post card are at the printer
    • Bill Moyle is our project coordinator and he is looking for more volunteers
  • I gave a Chapter’s General meeting presentation on “Flying in Congested =irspace”
    • I need the Flight Advisor credits
    • By the way, where are our Tech =ounselors and their presentations?
  • EAA Chapter 92 supported War Birds =quadron 16’s hosting of the EAA Aluminum Overcast at the =st1:PlaceName w:st="on">Yanks Air Museum at Chino.=/li>
    • The weather was beautiful in the mid =0’s on both weekend days and more folks showed =p.
    • Those supporting the B-17 tour enjoyed =n “Open House” event sponsored by Encore Jet Center at =NO.
      • If you didn’t come out on =aturday, you truly missed a “free =unch”!
  • Cliff Carpenter and Roland Koluvek =olled out the 1948 C-170 and we had a good time flying in the CNO cross wind =hile making four (4) engine sounds.
    • We were just B-17 driver “Want-A-Bees”, out in the sun too =ong!
  • The Stinson L-5 project rolled out of =he paint shop and we all continued to strip and blast =arts.
    • Bill Moyle our “project =eader” bagged and tagged parts for reassembly and the project is =#8220;looking good”.
    • The wings are being rebuilt in mahogany =lywood and spruce. 
    • Come on down to YANKS see what real =orkmanship looks like and how thin 3-ply cross grained veneered plywood =eally is and how strong it is too.
  • We pitched in to get another bird back =n the air with a nose strut seal replacement.  =o:p>
    • The patient is doing fine with new “o’ rings and a HP “2300 series” Schrader =alve core.
  • Hopefully we paid our income taxes, =ince the POTUS and the DEM congress is spending faster than we can make =t.
  • Our next project already in the works is =he annual dust off of the trailer for the POF Air =how.
  • Bill Moyle and Dave Prizio went to =un-N-Fun – we haven’t seen them since.  We hope they =idn’t skip to Mexico for the weekend.
  • Dave Prizio is a nominee for EAA =egional Director for the West.  We are proud of =ave!
  • Penelope Hecker has the Chapter 92 =usiness cards to the =rinter
  • Roland needs to write a check for a =1,000 for the EAA Founder’s Wing in the Chapter’s =ame
    • Ernie Julian pledged $100 toward the Chapter’s donation.  We are looking for more volunteers =o part with $5.00 to $10.00
  • I’m writing this newsletter in =ime to have it published.
  • If you haven’t paid your 2009 dues ($20.00), your name will be in lights at the next general meeting =#8211; you don’t want that kind of =ecognition.


That was April.  May =s a piece of cake, we only have a few projects on the =genda!

  • A presentation by =/span>Kristen =avis on flying a “Zeppelin”, aka =he “Good Year Blimp” a Class “B”, =#8220;Limp” dirigible.
  • An update from Robert Baker on the =tatus of the Web Site
  • Mike Sawicki should be recovered enough =rom the near “self sacrifice” he endured earlier in the =onth.
  • Prepping the trailer aka “trailer party” for the POF Air =how
  • POF show set up and execution – we =ope to sell =/span> approx 800+ =/span>combination =eals consisting of brats and =ot dogs.
  • Building the =-5
  • Prepping for our National June =3th Young Eagles event.
  • Relaxing on Memorial =ay!
  • Bob Cashman’s update on the =ieuport 28 replica project.


I look forward to seeing =ll of you at the Chapter General Meeting on May =th, =/span>IRWD at =:30PM for a Mexican Social in honor of “Cinco de =ayo” and the =#8220;Usual Suspects” at Yanks Air Museum on the weekend!


“Keep ‘em Flying”


EAA Chapter 92 President & Flight Advisor

In a blink of an eye, the first quarter of the year is gone.  Wow, that went fast.  I must be getting older – and hopefully wiser with time passing so quickly.  I looked at my logbook and noted that I am spending more time building and restoring than flying.  I like all other EAAers will have to fix that problem now that we are into spring with longer flying days.

We completed 500 hours of restoration work in the Stinson L-5 project in 1Q-2009.  Don’t worry if you have been thinking about coming down to the Yanks Museum on Saturday mornings, we have a lot of work ahead of us.  The parts we have restored look beautiful.  The project is coming together nicely.  The wing is apart for inspection and restoration.  If you wanted to see, what a “big model airplane” looks like this is a perfect opportunity.  The Stinson’s wings are all wood with the attachment points and fuselage compression strut being steel.  A number of ribs a section of the spars (fore and aft) will be rebuilt to make this airplane airworthy again.

The airframe was reworked with necessary welds repaired and new spliced tubing where the airframe was previously abused (ground looped, etc.). The landing gear attachment points were rigged and the airframe relieved in the process, where the structure had been preloaded due to prior damage.  N723E is a our “Gold Wrench” airplane.  She has seen a lot of wear and tear since manufactured in 1943.  The airframe is coming out of the paint shop and will be ready for reassembly, wiring and rigging of the multitude of parts that made up this observer aircraft.  So come on down on any Saturday (*;00 AM to 1:00 PM)  to see the project.

We managed to knock the dust off Falco N513JS last weekend.  This bird had not flown for over a year, although the engine has been run and she is in excellent condition.  The airplane was given a workout on March 29th and she flew great.  The owner, Kris Shipler is putting the airplane on the market.  This particular Falco was a 1995 award winner and has less than 300 hrs on the engine and airframe.  This Nustrini canopied Falco is a real performer.  Lift off in 1500’ with a landing in 1500’ including a 700’ ground roll.  Not too many airplanes have take off and landing performance like that.

By the time we have the general meeting, EAA’s B-17 “Aluminum Overcast” would have arrived at CNO, completed her mission while at our station and moved on to the next stop on her West Coast appearance schedule.  We are pleased to have assisted War Bird Squadron 16 with the support of our EAA Chapter 92 volunteers. To those of you who supported our sister chapter (squadron) thanks for the effort.

During the next month, we have a number of projects to complete.  An annual for some of us, a nose strut reseal for others and some general spring cleaning and relocation.  We have a lot of activity in the work as well as our preparation for the annual fundraiser – The Planes of Fame Air Show in CNO mid May 2009.

I look forward to seeing you at the general meeting.  Looks like I was stuck with the presentation for April – “Flying in Congested Airspace”.  That’s no so bad, I can use the Flight Advisor points.  This presentation will be a good time to review our local flying haunts.  Three (3) Class C airspace, two (2) Class B airspace, a bevy of Class D airspace and some notorious Class G airports immediately surround us.  This is the most congested flying zone anywhere in the world aside from Air Venture.  I hope to see you at this session.  Bring your Los Angeles sectional and Los Angeles and San Diego TAC charts.  If you have a copy bring your East LA helicopter chart, bring it too.  The review will be good for you and the ground time could count toward your flight review.

Keep ‘em Flying 

President and Flight Advisor
FAA Safety Team (FAAST) Representative – Aviation Safety Counselor

As you read this month’s newsletter you know that Spring is literally around the corner and daylight savings time starts on March 8th.  This means longer days ahead to build and fly.  It also means that the clock is ticking faster toward our first Young Eagles Rally on Saturday March 14th and of course all of the other flying events including Air Venture 2009.

This past winter has been kind to us in So Cal.  We have not experience too much of our typical drenching rain – just enough showers and storms to keep us close to our average rainfall with mostly good flying days.  It has also allowed us to continue working on some key projects, including the Yanks Museum Stinson L-5.  Frank Wright, Yank’s Restoration Manager advised us the museum wants one of the L-5s restored to “Gold Wrench” standards. 

Bill Moyle our Chapter 92 VP and Restoration Project Manager says we are up for the challenge and our rendezvous at Air Venture 2010 for the display and judging of this project.  Parts are being inspected, repaired and/or replaced, cleaned, blasted and primed.  We are moving ahead toward our day in the sun at Air Venture.  We’ll give you an update at the next general meeting, so stay tuned.  We also appreciate all of the work each of you has put into the project to date.

Bob Cashman advised he wants to proceed with another chapter build project that falls into the light sport category.  This project is a replica French World War I Nieuport 28, the same airplane as featured in the movie “Fly Boys”.  Image being war bird driver in a “light sport” classified airplane.  That works for me and I’m sure it will work for you too!  So sharpen on up on your tail wheel flying skills and of course your ability to stay on “The Huns” tail.  Watching the “Blue Max” may help with the inspiration for this project.

Another EAA Chapter 92 building projects near completion include that new “Cub” in the Sierras.  Penelope and me had an opportunity to visit some of our old friends in Groveland, CA, you know, those two past presidents of EAA Chapter 92, Char and Joe Riley.  Joe has always been a builder and he is just finishing up their latest creation – “The Cub Inn”.  Take them up on their offer to help them launch their B & B.  The “season” starts in early April and I am sure they will be booked to the gills with travelers to Yosemite and the other national parks.  Help them with the “test flight” of their new project and wish them much success.

Our first Young Eagles (Y.E.) Rally looks to be a grand event.  Penelope Hecker, our 2009 Y.E. Coordinator and Chapter Secretary has a great program planned for our flight candidates.  We have a number of activities planned for the kids to make this a very memorable event.  We need a couple of good “paper airplane” model builders to provide display models for the event as a show and tell guide for the kids.  The build templates and instructions are available at the Chapter’s General Meeting.  Let’s pitch-in to build some example models for the kids. 

Thanks again for all of your help.  You are a great group of aviation advocates.  I look forward to your attendance at the General Meeting on March 3, 2009.

Keep ‘em Flying,