Flight Advisor

There is a wealth of experience and knowledge to be gleaned from our Chapter 92 Flight Advisors, whose experiences cover the spectrum from general aviation basic trainers from the 40's, to the props and jets of the scheduled airlines, to the heavy war machines of the Cold War, and back again to the business jets and Light Sport Aircraft of today.   Check out the varied contributions from our Flight Advisors below:  Click the names to access their articles.

  • Bill Moyle - - currently in the Dallas, TX area, Bill relates his return to his first love - - basic flying
  • Ray Hecker - - active flight instructor and owner of a homebuilt Falco, Ray talks about how to improve your piloting technique
  • Larry Severson - - an Air Force Academy graduate and former B-52 and airline pilot, Larry gives us a refresher on airspace
  • Rick "Doc" Hecker - - Ray's brother is in the San Antonio, TX area, is an AME, A&P, EAA Flight Advisor, EAA Technical Counselor and has developed a preference for tube and fabric aircraft with wheels on the tail