NC2441E (SN 7AC-5815) departed the Middleton, OH factory on 10/14/1946 for Meachman Field, Fort Worth, TX. Initial ownership was registered to Joe Amberson of San Antonio, TX on 10/19/1946. She has remained a Texas airplane all of her life. From 1956 to 1963 this “Champ” enjoyed a career as a club airplane for the USAF's Randolph Field (AFB) flying club, and was subsequently sold to various owners in the San Antonio area. The aircraft eventually migrated South where I found her disassembled in the back corner of a hangar in Edna (Jackson county), TX as part of an estate sale. According to her logs, she had not been in annual for 21 years. There were two documented incidents of this airplane moving pilotless under power into obstacles after hand starts. I purchased the project in May, 2008 after successfully starting the engine on the second blade. 

The aircraft was completely disassembled and totally restored. Repairs included replacing damaged metal tubes and right door frame cluster patching.  Approximately 1,000 hours of labor were spent on the project over a 15 month period.    A Lang tail wheel and a Sensenich W72CK-42 wooden prop were mounted. The Continental a65-8f engine was field inspected and found to be in remarkably good condition with chromed cylinders. The slick magnetos were overhauled. 

Fabric covering was by the Ceconite process, and the paint scheme models a 1953 Aeronca 7ec scheme with Tucson crème trimmed with insignia blue. The STC’d ward aero generator was overhauled. All windows were replaced. Proof of flight was on October 26, 2010 and the performance was typical of its type. The airplane is named “Miss Kelly Ann” and carries a modified logo of the 532nd Squadron, 381st bomb group, 8th Air Force in honor of my father, who was an original pilot with that organization. Many thanks to Mark Julicher , IA(EAA 605278) for his quite extensive work on this project, and to Ed Santiago (A&P) and Dr. Ivan Haecker (sister Champ owner) for their advice and assistance.
Rb “Doc” Hecker, EAA 789419, TC 5453, FA 1905, Bulverde, TX (1T8) 
Member of chapters 35 and 92